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History 2

You need only step one foot inside the Zoo Gallery to know you are somewhere extremely cool. Every nook and cranny is filled with visionary, unique, and spectacular art from artists and designers across the United States and the globe. These hand selected pieces culminate the vision of owner’s Chris and Roxie Wilson to share amazing artists with locals and visitors to the Florida panhandle.

The Zoo Gallery traces its origin back to the early 1970s, where Chris and Roxie met on the campus of Auburn University.

The pairing, one could say, was rather unique - Chris was a kicker on the Auburn football team and Roxie focused on her creative energies as a fine art student.  Married in 1975, they moved back to Roxie’s hometown with the idea of opening a specialized gallery where they could showcase the art they loved.

Since its creation in 1979, The Zoo Gallery has endeavored to stand out from the herd as a shop with the most unusual finds in the area. Chris and Roxie want you to feel at home in their stores; enjoying excellent customer service, great music, and the opportunity to view and purchase some of the most unique merchandise in the southeast.

The Zoo Gallery represents the work of many artists, including: Sticks, Avner Zabari, Richard Dunbrack, Laurie Pollpeter-Eskenazi, Avindy, Watchcraft Watches, Sugarboo, & Jill Schwartz, just to name a few.

In our stores you will find an eclectic array of pottery, jewelry, prints, cards, furniture, home decor, and some downright weird stuff!  Online we invite you to check out our acclaimed original t-shirts.  We hope you find that special item you just can’t live without!

Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to meeting you in the store someday soon. In the meantime, check out some of our amazing merchandise online and be sure to visit us on Facebook [?LINK] or Instagram [?LINK].