the Zookeepers go to market

Every year, for the last 40 years, the Zoo goes to market.  We travel to New York, Atlanta, and Philly in the cold, in search for what's HOT!  These trips not only give us a chance to buy the incredible art that fills our stores, but they also inspire us.  This inspiration is what feeds the bear - we live with our artist, we touch, we smell, we dine, we drink, we hug, we live.  For just one weekend, we are all together.

Join the Zoo as we take you behind the scenes from our last buying trip to all 3 cities.


The heartbeat and pulse of the Zoo - Mama Rox (Roxie Wilson, owner).


The back bone of the Zoo - Fat Daddy (Chris Wilson, owner) with Jill Schwartz.  

Roxie and Chris have been promoting American Artist, including Jill, since 1979.  

  This 'trend setter' has just as much personality as her work.  Her incredibly inspiring booth is always one of our favorites!


Shop her work here >>> The Zoo Gallery | Jill Schwartz


Laurie Pollpeter ceramic hearts are killers! ooohhh and she is rad!

Shop Laurie Pollpeter online soon - The Zoo Gallery | Home Goods.


Rhonda Smith is someone we BELIEVE in.  

You'll have to come in store for this amazing artist.



Mullanium Birds by Jim and Tori gives your heart wings!! 

You'll have to come in store for this amazing artist.

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