Grayton Beach

An All New Zoo

An All New Zoo

The start of August was fraught with perilous, unexpected circumstance.  The morning seemed fine.  The afternoon seemed a bit...damp. By evening, a puddle.  Two days later, we walked into our Grayton store ready to greet the day, and instead, found ourselves wading through ankle deep water, scurrying to carry our treasures away to safety, while teams of professionals hunted for answers. Plumbers, AC technicians, floor men with large electrical saws and movers filled the store... to say were all in shock would be an understatement.  Since then, we found the culprit (an ancient pipe had bursted, pumping obscene amounts of water up beneath the concrete slab) and were confronted with the opportunity to embrace change (a nice lesson in the impermanence of things).
It's easy to mourn the loss.  But around here, we're plagued with optimism.  For the last few weeks, we've banded together and all pitched in, in our on ways. We were forced to ask ourselves what was really working.  What was it about the way things were that made us all fall in love with the Zoo?  What is it about this place that's kept it thriving for decades? What could be better?  How can we share it more? It's been a wild ride, but we'll all be happy to open up or Grayton store's door and share our brand new Zoo with all of you.  


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