how to clean sterling silver...

Sterling silver jewelry is a Zoo staple and we like to keep it looking fresh.  If you are like me, who never has one of the special silver cleaning wipes but always has toothpaste (well I hope you always have toothpaste) then you are in luck!  


How to clean your sterling silver with toothpaste...

Put a small amount of toothpaste on your silver piece of jewelry.  Take a rag and a toothbrush, to get into the crevices, and lightly rub the silver.  Rinse with water.


"Protect this woman" is stamped in the inside of this cuff by Lucinda Moran- made from 18k/ 14k gold and Sterling Silver with semi-precious stones.  For the last 25 years Lucinda has handcrafted her timeless, eclectic, and wearable jewelry on the Big Island in Hawaii.  The natural beauty that is abundantly present on the island is what inspires her work.  


Lucinda's work is made to be worn but every once in a while it needs a little love, like most Sterling Silver jewelry.  Toothpaste is a little 'trick of the trade' to keep your silver looking fabulous.  


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