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Naga Double Tassel NecklaceNaga Double Tassel Necklace
Naga Double Tassel Necklace Sale price$230.00
Sold out
Roman Triple NecklaceRoman Triple Necklace
Roman Triple Necklace Sale price$398.00
Blue Tan Pouch NecklaceBlue Tan Pouch Necklace
Blue Tan Pouch Necklace Sale price$455.00
Turquoise Coral Short NecklaceTurquoise Coral Short Necklace
Ivory Coast Tassel NecklaceIvory Coast Tassel Necklace
Ivory Coast Tassel Necklace Sale price$425.00
Sold out
Shell Double Purple NecklaceShell Double Purple Necklace
Triple Drop ChokerTriple Drop Choker
Triple Drop Choker Sale price$495.00
Mosaic Bell NecklaceMosaic Bell Necklace
Mosaic Bell Necklace Sale price$345.00
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Double Copal Ruby Trade Bead NecklaceDouble Copal Ruby Trade Bead Necklace
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Silver Bell Ruby Turquoise Short NecklaceSilver Bell Ruby Turquoise Short Necklace
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Micromosaic Carnelian ChokerMicromosaic Carnelian Choker
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Ebony Triple NecklaceEbony Triple Necklace
Ebony Triple Necklace Sale price$398.00

Heather Haase

Heather Haase, a lifelong bead enthusiast since childhood, discovered her passion during a pivotal encounter with African beads in 1970. With a career rooted in crafting unique jewelry, Heather weaves diverse global influences into one-of-a-kind pieces. Her artistic palette, blending earth tones as a base and jewel tones for highlights, reflects a commitment to honoring past cultures. Through meticulous design and dedication to sourcing global goods, Heather Haase brings the world together one bead at a time.