Ivory Coast Tassel Necklace

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Heather Haase has cherished and collected beads throughout her life, forming a deep connection with their cultural significance. Her fascination with other cultures has been a constant source of inspiration.

At the age of 10, Heather Haase's passion for beads was ignited when Lavinia, a woman who had acquired beads on a trip to Africa in 1970, opened a store in Heather Haase's hometown. The authenticity of these beads left a lasting impression, captivating Heather Haase's artistic spirit.

Throughout college and into her early twenties, Heather Haase crafted necklaces for friends, laying the foundation for a career in jewelry-making. Her artistic journey is fueled by a dedication to sourcing global goods, with a particular focus on the intricate use of color as her chosen artistry.

Heather Haase's design philosophy is rooted in honoring past cultures. She meticulously explores various combinations for days, seeking the perfect balance that results in unexpected yet harmonious creations. Earth tones serve as her base, while jewel tones highlight her designs, always in harmony with the natural world.

Weaving, stitching, and stringing together diverse cultures, Heather Haase creates one-of-a-kind pieces that embody timeless beauty and style. Her work becomes a unique tapestry, bringing the world together one bead at a time.