Shotz Glasses

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Art of Greenwood // St. Gabriel, LA

My art is about human imperfection in all it’s guises. I resent the package we are sold by much of media regarding a one-size-fits-all notion of beauty and “perfection.” Having grown up with a handicapped brother, I learned of the incredible beauty in imperfection. When we have young people with body image problems, with self-loathing and a massive lack of self-confidence, I feel this is a problem we need to address. I believe as an artist I have an obligation to use this message in my work in the hopes of making some tiny change in the world around me.

These great art pieces are meant to be used as shot glasses for your favorite bevvy; i/m sure you could repurpose these a mini-flower vases if you're rockin' that sober life. 

Color: Red