Master Shin's Vegetable Knife #63

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This larger kitchen knife makes quick work of chopping a wide array of produce. The slightly larger blade means the knife does much of the work for the user, making meal preparation a breeze.

Every Master Shin knife is a piece of Korean history. Established in 1845, the Shin Blacksmith is the oldest in Korea. 5th-generation Master Shin In-Young – who earned his title at just 17 years old – is the only smith still practicing traditional Korean blacksmithing methods. In 2016, he was named Intangible Cultural Heritage Treasure #60 by Gyeonggi Province, and has stamped that number into each blade ever since.

Master Shin’s strong and sturdy blades are forged from manganese-rich railroad tracks, and the signature “X” banded handles are crafted from chestnut that’s shade-dried for years to increase its strength and rot resistance. Notably absent from the blades is a bevel – all Master Shin’s knives are hammered to a thin edge that remains razor sharp for years. Ideal for chopping and other prep work, the heft and size of this Large Chef’s Knife does much of the work for you.

  • Hand-forged steel blade
  • Korean chestnut handle
  • “Dang ghi” X banding technique doesn’t burn the wooden handle 
  •  L:6.5"x W:2" blade; 11.25" overall length
  • Steel
  • Chestnut
  • No need to sharpen before 2-3 years of regular use
  • Sharpen by hand, using a honing stone
  • Avoid use on hard surfaces
  • Wipe clean with soft cloth or use water only 
  • Clean and dry thoroughly to prevent rust
  • To store, dry and lightly oil the blade


    • Hand forged in Korea