Muzen Original III AM/FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

Sale price$405.00

  1. Radio x1
  2. Power Cord x1
  3. FM Antenna x1
  4. Manual x1
  5. Warranty Card x1 
  6. Postcard x2
  • Classic Elegance in Design:The Speaker embodies mid-20th-century aesthetics, blending vintage allure with modern technology. Inspired by a 1964 radio, it adds a touch of nostalgia to home decor, making it a classic yet contemporary addition.
  • Premium Sound Performance:  It has a SILICON LABS radio chip, a low-noise amplifier, and a 20W speaker system featuring a 4-inch mid-bass and 1-inch silk membrane treble, delivering an immersive, rich sound experience. 
  • Customizable Audio: This Speaker caters to diverse listening preferences and is equipped with active bass and treble adjustment circuits. Its dynamic bass control ensures the performance remains outstanding even at low volumes, offering a tailored audio experience.
  • Flexible Audio Integration: Its diverse connectivity, including Bluetooth, AUX, FM/AM Radio, and additional device ports, ensures seamless audio source integration, which marks the Speaker as a versatile choice for home audio systems.
  • Build Quality and Durability:The speaker system is ruggedly built using a high-density alloy with exceptional durability. It's sizable 6.3*11.42*6.46in frame turns it into a statement piece that can complement the decor of any room while delivering excellent audio performance.
  • FM/AM Radio Functionality:It can pick up local FM/AM radio stations, adding another layer of entertainment and information sources.
  • Thoughtful Gift: With its unique fusion of vintage design and modern sound technology, it makes a perfect gift for music lovers, audiophiles, or those who appreciate an intriguing blend of past and present.