Muzen Wild Mini Yellow Speaker

Sale price$120.00

  • Rugged and durable:The zinc alloy body makes it durable enough to withstand drops and shocks.
  • Clear and loud sound:Despite its compact size, it delivers exceptional audio performance, producing rich and powerful sound using a rare-earth magnet speaker driver. This outdoor portable speaker is a testament to great sound quality, ensuring a superior listening experience even in its compact form.
  • Compact and portable size:It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but still produces loud and clear sound. This best mini speaker can be easily attached to backpacks, bike handles, etc.
  • Military-Style Look:Stand up to the demands of the outdoors and subverts the traditional aesthetics of the typical.
  • Outdoor flashlight:Three flashlight modes (high, low, SOS) can be useful in the dark outdoors.
  • Long battery life:The built-in 800mAh battery offers a long battery life, providing up to 8 hours of playtime.
  • Waterproof design:It is IPX5 water resistant and can withstand splashes of water, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Excellence:Experience instant, effortless connections in under 5 seconds. Enjoy enhanced speed, stability, and energy efficiency for uninterrupted music anytime. 
  • Made for outdoor adventurers:It is your perfect companion for hiking, camping, and cycling trips. Its rugged design and portability, coupled with its ability to play music with rich sound quality, enhance your outdoor experiences.