Sugarpost Army Helmet Turtle

Sale price$130.00

Fred Conlon was inspired by a massive pile of old WWII army helmets that he saw at his local military surplus yard. What was intended to be a mascot for his pottery shop ended up becoming a helmet turtle that he reluctantly sold the first day on display, and Sugarpost Metal was on its way. Conlon’s grandpa could never have known that his shared experiences at Pearl Harbor would inspire his grandson when he uttered the words, “War moves quickly. Peace, on the other hand, moves slowly.” Conlon had no idea this idea could take care of his family in such an exciting and fun way!

Approximately 10lbs.

Note: Each helmet is an authentic WWII helmet, so coloring will vary. We can send you a photo of all available turtles upon request, so you can find the perfect one!

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