Teammates for Life by Jeff Miller

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Chris Wilson, co-owner of The Zoo Gallery, met Roxie Wilson at Auburn University in the early 70's. While Roxie focused on art, Chris played for the Auburn football team. One of his teammates, Jeff Miller, wrote about their experience at Auburn in Teammates for Life.

Anyone who cheers for the underdog will be enthralled by the story of Auburn’s 1972 football team.

The Tigers were predicted to drop into the bottom half of the Southeastern Conference standings after losing quarterback Pat Sullivan, who won the 1971 Heisman Trophy, and All-American receiver Terry Beasley. Going into their opening game, they had only five offensive plays.

Auburn proved its critics wrong all year long, capping an unbelievable season with a jaw-dropping upset of Alabama, returning two blocked punts for touchdowns in the game’s closing minutes. Instead of finishing in sixth place in the SEC, the team finished fifth—in the country!

The Amazin’s, as they were nicknamed, won as a result of the bonds they formed during grueling winter workouts and August two-a-day practices under the unforgiving Alabama sun. Fifty years later, the Amazin’s still find strength in each other, facing new challenges as teammates for life.

If you cherish Auburn football, great rivalries, and want to learn how to apply lessons from the gridiron to everyday life, then you’ll love this inspiring story of the university’s most unforgettable team—then and now.