My art is about human imperfection in all its guises. I resent the package we are sold by much of media regarding a one-size-fits-all notion of beauty and “perfection.” Having grown up with a handicapped brother, I learned of the incredible beauty in imperfection. When we have young people with body image problems, with self-loathing and a massive lack of self-confidence, I feel this is a problem we need to address. I believe as an artist I have an obligation to use this message in my work in the hopes of making some tiny change in the world around me.


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Glum Bunny // BlueGlum Bunny // Blue
Glum Bunny // Blue Sale price$115.00
Wine Glass
Wine Glass Sale price$68.00
Glum Bunny // Black SpottedGlum Bunny // Black Spotted
Glum Bunny // Black Spotted Sale price$115.00
Plus Size SealPlus Size Seal
Plus Size Seal Sale price$95.00
Sold out
Plus Size Party Dog // SpottedPlus Size Party Dog // Spotted
Small Sweater BearSmall Sweater Bear
Small Sweater Bear Sale price$165.00
Small BustSmall Bust
Small Bust Sale price$90.00
Sold out
Large Fish HeadLarge Fish Head
Large Fish Head Sale price$155.00
Round Striped Head w/BirdRound Striped Head w/Bird
Round Striped Head w/Bird Sale price$215.00
"Bunny Therapy" Head"Bunny Therapy" Head
"Bunny Therapy" Head Sale price$325.00
So You Never ForgetSo You Never Forget
So You Never Forget Sale price$295.00
Fat Boy Bust w/ BellyFat Boy Bust w/ Belly
Fat Boy Bust w/ Belly Sale price$225.00
Round Head Striped Nose w/BirdRound Head Striped Nose w/Bird
Sold out
Glum BunnyGlum Bunny
Glum Bunny Sale price$115.00
Odd GirlOdd Girl
Odd Girl Sale price$450.00
"Charity" Muse"Charity" Muse
"Charity" Muse Sale price$425.00
Sold out
Guy with Bunny EarsGuy with Bunny Ears
Guy with Bunny Ears Sale price$595.00
Wine Cup / Bowl / PlanterWine Cup / Bowl / Planter
Wine Cup / Bowl / Planter Sale price$65.00
Yellow Wally // Red WallyYellow Wally // Red Wally
Yellow Wally // Red Wally Sale price$68.00
Sweater BearSweater Bear
Sweater Bear Sale price$165.00
Plus Size Party DogPlus Size Party Dog
Plus Size Party Dog Sale price$165.00
Sold out
Best Buds // Dog + BirdBest Buds // Dog + Bird
Best Buds // Dog + Bird Sale price$125.00
Wheelie BirdWheelie Bird
Wheelie Bird Sale price$192.00
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Walrus Sale price$165.00
Blue Whale with Spout
Blue Whale with Spout Sale price$165.00
Block Head // PurpleBlock Head // Purple
Block Head // Purple Sale price$125.00
Block Head // RedBlock Head // Red
Block Head // Red Sale price$125.00
Virgil Flat Blue FaceVirgil Flat Blue Face
Virgil Flat Blue Face Sale price$68.00
Medium Flat Face Big Bird & NoseMedium Flat Face Big Bird & Nose
Sold out
Green/Blue Crown CritterGreen/Blue Crown Critter
Green/Blue Crown Critter Sale price$85.00
Hanging Flat Face LouieHanging Flat Face Louie
Hanging Flat Face Louie Sale price$68.00
Large Hanging Face w/ Blue BirdLarge Hanging Face w/ Blue Bird
Blue Moon Flat FaceBlue Moon Flat Face
Blue Moon Flat Face Sale price$98.00
Dark Side Moon Flat FaceDark Side Moon Flat Face
Dark Side Moon Flat Face Sale price$98.00
Sold out
Medium Flat Face Blue Bird & NoseMedium Flat Face Blue Bird & Nose
Sold out
Medium Flat Face Red Bird & NoseMedium Flat Face Red Bird & Nose
Leo //  Flat Blue Hanging FaceLeo //  Flat Blue Hanging Face
Melvin // Large Flat Hanging FaceMelvin // Large Flat Hanging Face