Ashley Benton Figure

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"if the right one is lost there I'll find them"

Ashley is a mixed media artist living in Savanah, GA. She has been exhibiting her work for more than twenty years across the county and beyond. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design she followed her love of big mountains, clear rivers and blue skies to Colorado . There she continued to make art, raise a son, teach art, open a yoga studio, ride horses and travel to juried art shows. In 2014, Ashley moved home to Georgia and began focusing on gallery representation and small shops and boutiques. Currently she is represented by the Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX and the Ivy Brown Gallery, NYC.

Ashley’s work is based on the emotional experience of living a life.She attempts to unveil the marvelous in the everyday, create a sense of wonder, engage her mind and open a dialogue with the viewer. The work is never an exact representation much like a writer of fiction. The work hovers in the in-between —Less than Reality More than a Dream…