Laurel Sculpture

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 In such a charming sitting form, Laurel is a favourite of ours for an instant style upgrade. Whether you are looking to add a playful touch to your kitchen worktops and shelves or add some personality to your consoles or side tables, Laurel does it all. Perch her on top of a magazine or your favorite coffee table book with a small plant close by and a tall table lamp for extra style kudos.

Full of character and unique textural touches, this sitting figure has such a calming presence, introducing not only a major dose of personality to your living space but a touch of serenity too. Laurel is the perfect female sculpture to place all over your home, from your living room to your bathroom, catching the eye of anyone who walks past. 
  • H21 x W16 x D16 cm


  • Cement

Please note:

Due to the hand-crafted nature, the colors shown may vary slightly for each piece.

Care Guide:
Lightly dust or wipe with a soft dry cloth. Not suitable for permanent outdoor use.