The Wordy Book

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“Some children’s books feel like classics the first time one encounters them. It’s not hard to imagine young poets embracing The Wordy Book as warmly as new generations keep embracing The Little Prince.” ―Naomi Shihab Nye, for the New York Times

★ A Publishers Weekly High-Concept Picture Book for Children
★ Selected for 2021 Society of Illustrators Original Art Exhibition

With surrealist paintings bursting with words, bright colors, and unexpected juxtapositions, this book explores how playing with a word’s sound, form, and context can shape its meaning. Each painting asks a question, which can be answered with the words and pictures that make up the image, or with the reader’s own words. Playfully expressive, this celebration of the imagination will give its readers a newfound appreciation for the richness, beauty, and vitality of language.